Saturday, 1 December 2012

Getting acquainted with molecular gastronomy 2; Cherry Espuma

We celebrated my Mom's BIRTHDAY today and she loves anything made of poppy seeds. I decided to make her a poppy seed cake with some SOUR cherries and a molecular twist.

I remember espuma from my childhood (We already did it Before it was COOL:)). Back in those days whipped cream was made by this cool equipment. I read a little bit and made up my own recipe using the sour CHERRIES my grandma jared.

3dl liquid from a sour cherry Compote
500 ml whipping cream (20%)
1 bag of GEL/FOAM fix (the one that you can mix in cold)
(you may put a drop of pink or red food coloring so its not as white as mine was)

Mix the ingredients and fill the espuma. Don't fill it completely, otherwise it will EXPLODE (since there's no space for the gas). Load the GAS and go!

I got the poppy seed cake recipe from "Anya, ez isteni"...

In case you wouldn't speak Hungarian I write down the English version (with my tiny adjustments)

2 small eggs
120g sugar
90g minced poppy seed (FYI blue poppy seeds do not contain opium)
135g flour
300g SOUR Cream (20%)
1 bag of Baking Soda
tiny lemon juice
1 bag of vanilla SUGAR

Mix the dry ingredients,
Beat eggs with sugar,
Add dry ingredients, lemon juice, melted butter, then sour cream.
Bake it on 180'

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